Best Ways to Make Money from Whatsapp, Latest

1. Affiliate Program – like sharing amazon,ebay links in whatsapp group

Make Money from Whatsapp Using Affiliate marketing,Latest

2. Link Shortening Services -like adsfly ,short st

Make Money from Whatsapp using link shortening services

3. PPD – Pay Per Download like usercloud

Make Money from Whatsapp Using PPD networks, Latest

4. Referral Programs i.e. App Downloads like champcash , slides etc

Make Money from Whatsapp Using Referral Program, Latest

5. Sharing your Own Blog/Website/Youtube videos.

6. Sharing your own service : like app development , web design etc .

Useful suggestion-

All these methods, I mentioned about sharing of links in appropriate, relevant groups. But what if you don’t have targeted WhatsApp group with enough members in it? Or what if you don’t have enough targeted audience in your WhatsApp contact list?

In such cases, build a WhatsApp group from scratch! There is an easy way to get started- from Facebook!

Go to Facebook and check out groups that you are interested in. For example- funny images groups. Become member over there. Open discussion regarding your plan to start a WhatsApp group related to the same theme as that of the Facebook group. Request interested folks to drop their phone numbers so that they too may get added to the group!

In this way, you may create a group/improve your WhatsApp contacts list fast. Also, you will be having targeted audience too, which is easy to convert and help you make money using WhatsApp! If you really liked this article, do share it with your friends! Leave your feedback in the comment section below.


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