BING SEO v/s Google SEO for Bolggers, updated

BING SEO v/s Google SEO

Today, we will talk about BING SEO and Google SEO.

To begin, take a look at the key Bing SEO ranking factors found to be most important by a recent SearchMetrics analysis. Similar to Google, Bing seems to give ranking preference to brands and doesn’t necessarily apply the same criteria as it does to other domains.

Both search engines seem to consider it natural for brands to have more backlinks with the name of the brand in the in the link text alone, known as “brand links”, and not rate them negatively as they might with others. That said, Bing does seem to have some difficulty distinguishing brands from related competitors. Bing also seems to favor older websites with more official domain names, such as .gov or .edu, more than newer, commercial or popular websites that tend to be favored by Google.

This means that Bing is more inclined to favor more factually relevant results over socially relevant sites, a factor to consider depending on your target audience. Relevant and quality content correlate strongly with good ranking on Bing, just as it does with Google. However, Bing seems to be more likely to reward pictures, videos, audio and more, due to what is known as “entity understanding”, while Google relies much more on text based content. And unlike Google, Bing is better equipped to interpret sites that use flash, which is all but invisible to Google.

All of this is to say, having a more dynamic website that incorporates high quality content with quality and original media may help to better position your site for high ranking on both search engines. When it comes to local searches, Bing also tends to show more small businesses, assuming the searcher wants the most proximal results. However, Google tends to sway in favor of larger, more established companies, giving preference to what it sees as the most credible results. For businesses with a local location for customers, this aspect should be an important consideration. As you might expect, on-page technical factors and behind-the-scenes structure for a website play an important role in ranking well on Bing, just as they do with Google, though in some slightly different ways.

Everything from the site speed of a URL to the position of keywords in the title can be factored into the ranking of a site. Bing has a strong correlation with homepages outranking internal pages in results to a lesser degree than Google. And while Google has evolved to be much more intuitive when it comes to the context of a page, Bing is still much more straightforward, relying upon keywords in page titles, meta tags, and specific keywords. In the early days of Google, googlebot only crawled the first 100k of a given page, though as the crawler has matured, page size is less of an issue. Bing, on the hand, still only caches roughly the first 100k of web pages, which means that it is critical to place the most important elements of your content within that first 100k or it won’t make it into Bing’s results.

Google is good at determining a site’s Canonical URL even if it is not coded properly to return the Canonical URL, whereas Bing did not used to, but now does support the Canonical tag. They still do seem to have some issues with it.

While Google prefers a 301 (permanent URL) redirect, a 302 (temporary redirect) will not usually cause any major issues with indexing. Bing, on the other hand, will interpret a 302 as a 301, after they crawl it a few times.

For that reason, most people use 301.

Bing and Google also handle Meta Refreshes differently, a factor that should be taken under consideration. Google will follow a zero second Meta Refresh and treat it like a 301, while Bing will not. Meta Refresh will actually terminate the Bing crawler from accessing any more of the website. Bing is working on this and it may be changing soon.


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