Top 22 Free Photoshop Alternatives, Latest

There are dozens of free photo editors designed to enhance your pictures with a couple of clicks, but far fewer could be called a genuine alternative to the industry standard editor Adobe Photoshop. Simple photo-enhancing software has its place, but […]

What is Trend Forecast?

The Trend Forecast Who decides that the color this season is “mint green” or that denim jackets are “back?” Of course, there’s top-down fashion, where couture houses and runway shows set a trend that trickles down through the rest of the […]

Where do Trends come from?

Where do design trends come from? Every year, interior-design enthusiasts everywhere are eager to see what the next year brings. There is a lot of research and psychology that go into design trends. “On a very, very basic level,” says […]

How do Fashion Trends Come from?

THE INSPIRATION The fashion world is remarkably small, despite what you might think. This means whether they’re in Paris, London, Milan or New York, fashion designers are all around the same people and the same things. Designers are all similar […]