Why Google Won’t Penalize You for Duplicate Content

Many bloggers steer clear of any republishing strategy because getting a Google penalty terrifies them. But in reality, republishing content with the full knowledge of its original author is not an activity Google is remotely concerned about punishing. As Google […]

Yoast SEO v/s XML Sitemaps, which one is better?

If you start reading and learning about SEO, you will soon find yourself overwhelmed by its fast moving trends and the continuously changing Google algorithms. Therefore, getting help from a third party SEO plugin is the best thing that can […]

How to Index your site or blog within 1 hour, Updated

In this article, I’m going to share information which will help you to make your site visible to search engines in no time. A proper strategy will help you to put your website into search engines within 24 hours – and maybe only in a couple of […]

How to Drape Home Furnishings products, Latest Software

Mapping Software With this software, make realistic presentations of your seasonal collections in dynamic ways in a few clicks : just drag and drop your fabric designs on photographs. Mapping can be used for apparel, upholstery, or home furnishings markets. […]