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How do Fashion Trends Come from?


The fashion world is remarkably small, despite what you might think. This means whether they’re in Paris, London, Milan or New York, fashion designers are all around the same people and the same things.

Designers are all similar people, due to there being such a small number of them in such an expensive industry. They’re likely to have been trained the same way, and live almost identical lifestyles; which is why their ideas are often mirrored in each other’s work.

Their inspiration can come from a whole range of things. From art exhibitions to architecture, or new bands, creative books or films. Many designers also go on holiday to get inspiration, and often head off to some trendy, unique destination that most people haven’t heard of before. However, most designers will have, so can find themselves on holiday together all searching for the same inspiration.

This is why fashion trends can look the same from one brand to another; because the designers all lead the same lifestyles.



There are plenty of previous examples of brands being inspired by the same things. In Paris in 2000, a book was released called Vacant: A Diary of the Punk Years 1976-1979.As a result of this, the punk era of fashion dawned, due to so many designers buying that book.

In 2007, the film Memoirs of a Geisha was released, which sparked a heavily Japanese-inspired Spring Summer line that year, with Dior immediately jumping on the band wagon. Indie rock bands of Camden Town are also said to have had a huge inspiration on the fashion industry recently, with more unique designs being created by every brand.

How it works in the most simplistic way, is though designers looking at trends that are already emerging in other mediums. This can really be anything, from music to literature to street art; and then new trends are based on what is already beginning to be out there.

Designers are always very secretive about their work; you can guarantee it’s not down to any sharing of ideas. It’s simply because they all have minds and ideas that work on the same wavelength. No one brand will see another’s new line before it is launched, however due to this pattern always emerging, it’s fairly easy for them to predict what’s going to be popular each year.


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