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How to start import export business of your own, Best way

How to start import export business

Start import export business. It is affordable, robust, stable and traditional business what doesn’t disappear until there are different countries, different climate conditions, and different development levels. Many people who want to start their very first business, finally reach to the point where they just can’t decide what type of business they really should start. There are just too many choices and possibilities out there. From web design to a grocery store, opportunities seem to be endless. But the fact is, it’s not easy to choose the right type of business for you. So, the new entrepreneur gets easily overwhelmed and get pulled to the million different directions. Finally, they end up doing nothing. Even if you finally decide what type of business you should start, then following harsh truth will hit you – You do not have a good and profitable business idea for your chosen type of business… and most people end here.


Start import export business of your own!

Right now it’s an excellent time to start an import export business with Europe. This site exists, to help people discover new possibilities and help them get started in import export business with Europe. More about the business opportunities with Europe later.


But why to start import export business first of all?

The short answer is, Import-export business is straightforward, easy to start and doesn’t need much capital for a start if you start as an export-import agent.

The import-export business you can run at home, run as a side hustle, during the traveling. You can even grow it to multi-million dollar business if you want. It’s up to do, all is possible!

Also, it’s possible to start this business with very small initial investment. Your main investment can just be a few thousands of USD,s + your work.

My favorite part is, that import-export business can be your lifestyle business. Imagine traveling around the world, visiting different countries and same time closing business deals and making money, how amazing is that!


Import-export business is one of the easiest business what the newbie can start nowadays!

Benefits of import-export business:

  • You don’t need a unique business idea.
  • It’s possible to start at home and with very small investment.
  • There is possible to start with almost no financial risks. The only risk can be just waste/ lose some time.


How to Start Import Export Business in India 
The export and import business has become quite lucrative in India since the inception of eCommerce which allows such companies reach the global audience. In recent times, we have seen a major growth in the export and import of goods and services. A lot of small and medium level entrepreneurs are starting this business from their homes or small offices. Moreover, the economic policies have also led to the popularity of such businesses. However, as a new entrepreneur, it is important that you know about the procedure and documentation process required to start your own trading firm.


Getting Started with Registering and Opening Import Export Business
To start your import-export business in India from home or office, you need to complete the following procedure:

Pan Card: You need to have a Pan card issued by the Income Tax Department for registration.

Register your firm: You need to get your business registered first with the government of India. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sole proprietorship, in partnership, private limited company, or LLP. You can hire a lawyer for this purpose to help you with the company registration process. You also need to obtain a Service Tax registration or a VAT registration certificate. Follow this guide to know more about the registration process.

Have a Current Bank Account: You have to open a current bank account in order to carry out the business dealings.

Obtain an Import Export Code (IEC): The import-export code issued by the government of India is mandatory to start an export-import business in the country. You have to apply for it online at the DGFT website. Here is the list of documents required to apply for it.

Getting a Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC): Once you get the IEC, you need to obtain the Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC). It is granted by the Export Promotion Councils. You can obtain the certificate from any one of the 26 export promotion councils. After you get the IEC and RCMC, you will be able to start your import and export business.

Hire an eCommerce Shipping Company: You also need to hire a logistics company that would be responsible for delivering your products to the customers worldwide. ShipRocket is a courier aggregator that help such businesses by providing them multiple shipping partners to ship their products internationally on cheapest shipping charges.

Contact a Customs Clearing Agent: You might need to take the assistance of a customs clearing agent who will guide you about the process of getting your stuff cleared at the ports, customs duty charges, transportation charges, etc involved in the import-export business.

Import Export Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
Starting an import-export business can be a great way for eCommerce businesses. There are lots of avenues businesses can explore are:

Investing in Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an integral part of the online import-export businesses. Through this, you can become an exporter to enlist as a vendor and connect with customers across the globe.

Exploring International Markets

As each country has some unique resources/products that can be exported, at the same time it there are items that can be imported. You need to explore what you can export to the needy country and in exchange what you can Import. For example, if you sell Kashmiri shawls, you can export that product to the cold countries around the world.



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