Important things needs to know while converting Facebook Profile to Fan page, updated

  • The conversion is permanent.


  •  You can NOT transfer your personal profile page to an existing business page (fan page).


  • If you are using a personal page as a business page, I highly encourage you to complete the conversion to a business page.  I have seen many people lose their pages due to breaking the terms of personal vs. business pages. Don’t risk it! It is better to do it when you are in control than if Facebook decides to do it for you!



  • Communicate the change to your business “friends” prior to making the change. They will become automatic “likers” of your business page once you convert. I encourage you to let them know they will automatically “like” your page upon the conversion.


  • Do a check of your photos and other information to confirm if you want it to appear as part of your business page.


  • None of your personal engagement as a personal profile page will be saved. Your comments, wall posts will be gone forever.


  • Know that you may lose some “friends/likers” on the new page once they find out about the conversion. I for one know that I may have accepted a friend request when I was new to Facebook. It could be the person has moved jobs, started a new business. It is not guaranteed that I genuinely want to “like” the page.  Do not take offense if you lose people. Value and support their decisions regardless.


  • Note, this feature is not intended for those with a personal page to decide it’s now their business page. Just because I am your friend on your personal page doesn’t mean you should decide you are now going to take advantage of that fact and make your “liker.”  I highly encourage you to really think about this decision.  It may seem like a little decision now but it does involve ethics.  People have trusted you with being their friend. Do not take advantage of that trust. If you have thought about creating a business page to promote your business then that might be the best option.  This feature is perfect for those who have broken Facebook terms and have two personal profiles, one of which they are using for business.


How to convert Facebook Profile Into a Fan Page, updated

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