How to Know Who is Clicking Your Blog/ Website Links, Latest

If you track the clicks on those links, on the other hand, you will know exactly how many visitors each platform is sending your way.

Now the problem becomes how to easily create links that you can track the number of clicks and other information.

There is a very nice tool you can use for that purpose called

It works as a complete analytics platform for links. Once you create an account (which is free for up to 1000 clicks per month and 20 total tracking links) you’ll be able to create and configure your links and start using them immediately.

Your click data will be refresed every 4 hours, and it comes with built-in WordPress integration.

If you need more clicks, the paid plans start at just $3.99 monthly.

And this is just the basic stuff. The platform has some really nice advanced features.

First of all you can create links with dynamic destinations. That is, a single link that will redirect the visitor to a different URL depending on his location, language, device or operating system.

Second, you can use your own domain to create the trackable links, which is really nice for branding purposes.

Third, their method of tracking works even with ad-blockers. This means that you will be able to use Taveo for advertising purposes as well. In fact you can track and audit your advertising campaigns, as this will help the advertisers trust the stats you will provide them.

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