How to Make Money with DoubleClick?

How to Make Money with DoubleClick?

I was experimenting with Revenue Hits, InfoLinks, Yllix Media, Chitika, PopCash, PopAd, PropellerAds, Kajamba, Adversal, Adsterra, Media.Net, Clicksor, BidVertiser, Intellilinks, PopMyAds, Vibrant Media, VigLink, BuySellAds, AyBoll, Skimlinks, Qadabra, Kontera, for making money from my blogs but Google AdSense is one of my favorite as AdSense has certainly earned significantly more money.

How to approve Google AdSense account? and its best alternatives

Now, talking about “DoubleClick For Publishers”

DoubleClick by Google offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine and it helps you to manage your ads so effectively that you can capture the most value for every page view that your website receives.

If you are unable to find advertisers by yourself then BuySellAds may be a better choice but they do charge 25% commission. DoubleClick is a self-serve ad platform that is so flexible that you can control your entire ad inventory using only this platform. If your website is popular then you get inquiries from potential advertisers and in that case DoubleClick gets you the best value for every page view.


DoubleClick For Publishers: Sign Up


Sign Up for DoubleClick ads network is so easy as you could do it yourself.


Suggestion: You can also do one thing like experimenting with DoubleClick for hardly 7 days; your perception will be changed towards DoubleClick.

Now, I would be really interested in knowing about your experience with DoubleClick.



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