How to make money with Famebit easily, Recent

How to make money with Famebit easily, Recent

FameBit is an online marketplace that connects YouTubers with brands that are interested in advertising their products and services. This provides creators an opportunity to earn money with their content by partnering with brands that are relevant to their audience.

Famebit helps you to get sponsorship for your online networking channels and through this sponsorship, you can acquire big wads of cash.

For example, if you are on Twitter with over 5000 followers then you can leverage the power of your account to make some money with Famebit.

You do not necessarily have to be a celebrity with millions of followers. You can earn few bucks with just over 5000 followers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc.

All you need to have is Social media account, (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc, FameBit and Sponsorship from Brands.

Following are some additional information about Famebit:

  • Registration is free on Famebit
  • Famebit lets you explore the marketplace, which is full of various brands.
  • Famebit gives you a dashboard that helps you in plan, promotion plan & sharing the draft with the company.
  • Famebit charges its users 10% of the sponsored fees for providing them its Platform.


How to sign up for Famebit

YouTube account holders can sign up at Famebit by just filling their Google email for their YouTube account and letting the Famebit to access your YouTube account.

Likewise you can sign up for Instagram, Vine and Twitter accounts. Just follow the instructions given there. It is a no brainer.

Two important things that you must keep in mind, one is you must have above 5000 followers or subscribers and the other is you can only have one account per each social channel.


Once you are done with the sign up process the next step will be choosing a right brand to promote.If you are a new creator then keep following things in your mind.

  • Right Sponsor that Suits Your Content
  • Product and Service Must be Good
  • Go For Multiple Sponsors and Products
  • Creating Genuine and Unique Proposal


How much money you can make on FameBit will depend on the deals you are able to negotiate with brands, and those deals will depend on how many subscribers you have and how many views you usually receive.

When calculating your fee, FameBit suggests thinking of it in terms of ‘cost per view’ (CPV). Most creators on FameBit charge between $0.05 and $0.10 per view. If you charge $0.05 per view and you get an average of 10,000 views per video then you would charge a brand $500 for your services.


Once you start getting paid you have to look ways to further monetize your Famebit account. You can choose either of pricing methodologies for your YouTube account.


Pricing Based on Subscribers: Subscriber based pricing is best for small creators with no steady viewership rate. You can charge $100 to $300 every 10,000 subscriber.

Pricing Based on CPV (Cost Per View): Creators with consistent viewership can go for CPV. You can charge $.02 to $.08 per view.

Pricing Based on Content: If you don’t have enough CPV but you can create good content then choose content based pricing.



Famebit has been designed keeping creators in mind. Famebit facilitates communication between creators and brands.

A wide variety of brands to choose from. Creators can make best out of their influence on social media account.

Even small creators with over 5000 followers/subscribers can make money. So you don’t have to be a celebrity.


Overall, Famebit is one of those monetization techniques which is not limited to bloggers.

Anyone who is active on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter (and a few more) can earn a decent income out of it. In particular, a YouTuber can earn anywhere between $10 and $20,000.

I’d love to hear more about you and your business? What do you do and how can I help you? Also, kindly suggest to me related topics you would want to read about.

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