How to Start a Niche Blog, Story

A niche blogger has to write about a narrow topic a lot. That means you need to have strong ideas, feelings, and thoughts about that topic. While it’s certainly possible to tie broader topics to a niche blog topic, your […]

Top Secrets of a Successful Blog, Latest

Top bloggers have been blogging for a long time and they’ve learned many secrets along the way. It’s time for you to learn some of those tricks, too! Below are secrets from top blogs that you can use to achieve […]

Role of Backlinks in Blog, updated

Backlinks are still the major indicator Google uses to determine the authority of a blog. The better your backlinks, the better you’ll rank in search results. But they sure aren’t easy to get. Building backlinks is a tricky business because many of […]

Birth of Blog and Bloggers, Story telling

The Birth of Blogs The earliest blogs started in the late 1990s as online diaries. Individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinions. The daily posts were listed in reverse date order, so readers viewed the most […]

SEO for Bloggers, Whole Story

SEO for Bloggers Success isn’t an overnight phenomenon when it comes to SEO, but with the right process and a dose of patience, it’s always within reach — even if you’re running your own blog. Determine the audience you need […]

Why Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Is the Best For Blogger

Whenever beginner bloggers come to me with this question, I always direct them to WordPress. (That’s, the self-hosted platform, not, the free platform.) WordPress is simply the best platform out there, hands down. And here’s why. Most of […]

Why Students Should Run Blogs of their Own

Today we’re going to explain why students should run blogs. Here is a list of reasons to run a blog: Around 51.7% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs. The survey shows that people feel no happiness while doing their […]