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    Promote Your Business free of cost, Must read

    GET GREAT LEADS WITH TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING Experts agree that email marketing is a must for any business. Research shows that email marketing is one of the most effective sources of good leads, the easiest and most effective digital marketing tactic for great ROI and one of the best ways to get new customers. Email your customers a high-quality newsletter packed with insight, analysis of industry trends and special deals. A great newsletter gets forwarded and draws news customers. Use free email campaign services like MailChimp to send automated messages, targeted campaigns and marketing emails to customers, or use an email marketing tool like Sidekick that allows you to personalize your approach.…

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    How to start import export business of your own, Best way

    How to start import export business Start import export business. It is affordable, robust, stable and traditional business what doesn’t disappear until there are different countries, different climate conditions, and different development levels. Many people who want to start their very first business, finally reach to the point where they just can’t decide what type of business they really should start. There are just too many choices and possibilities out there. From web design to a grocery store, opportunities seem to be endless. But the fact is, it’s not easy to choose the right type of business for you. So, the new entrepreneur gets easily overwhelmed and get pulled to…

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    How to carefully Monetize your blogs? Best way

      A great blog that is minutely focused on one subject. Topics are limitless, but if you think a fashion blog would suit you, this is far too broad. Think about fine-tuning your blog towards leather fashion, fashion for over 50s or sustainable and responsible fashion. For a gardening blog, think of specialising in one species such as camellias or roses, growing kitchen herbs, or on balcony gardens. No matter what your broad topic is, focus in on one narrow topic that will make your blog a specialist informative portal for readers. There is no escape from the necessity of having your blog on a self-hosted WordPress platform. No, not…

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    Top Stock Photos Agency Sites – Good Income

    Shutterstock The payouts at Shutterstock work on a sliding scale, so the more images you have downloaded, the more you’ll earn per image. The scale currently starts at $.25 per download so it will take a sizeable portfolio with stellar images before the bigger returns roll around (this is true with all stock agencies, though). With over 9,000,000 photos and growing, Shutterstock ranks well among the other stock agencies and also offers video footage if you have high quality content. Alamy Almay offers photographers 60% of each sale made on the site and currently lists over 15,000 photographers. You retain all copyrights and they are a non-exclusive site, meaning you…

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    All Stock Photography best earning sites series with rating

    All Stock Photography best Site Earnings Rating   1. Top Tier (Best income)  Shutterstock AdobeStock iStock exclusive  Pond5 2. Middle Tier (Good income) Alamy 123RF Dreamstime DepositPhotos Bigstockphoto 3. Third Tier (Low income) Canstockphoto Stocksy ClipartOf Canva Envato Self-Hosted EyeEm Dissolve storyblocks GettyImages 500px MostPhotos VectorStock Zoonar PhotoSpin PhotoCase ColourBox MotionElements Pixta Stockfresh SignElements GLStockImages FeaturePics Crestock ClipDealer PantherMedia YayMicro DrawShop Cutcaster Stockami PressFoto ImageVortex Macrografiks Indivstock PicFair ScanStockPhoto ViscoImages Clipcanvas SuperImageMarket   Any Questions will be greatly appreciated, Thanks and Enjoy!

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    Why Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Is the Best For Blogger

    Whenever beginner bloggers come to me with this question, I always direct them to WordPress. (That’s WordPress.org, the self-hosted platform, not WordPress.com, the free platform.) WordPress is simply the best platform out there, hands down. And here’s why. Most of the web building platforms out there give you a dozen or so themes to choose from, binding you to their limited options. And you can’t do very much customization inside of the theme itself, either. So if you want your header to be a bit taller, or the sidebar a bit wider, too bad. What you see is what you get. With WordPress, there are literally thousands of themes available.…

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    Which Platform is Best For Your Blog or Site, Whole Execution

    Blogging has come a long way in the last decade. It went from a hobby to a respectable career, and now it’s a worldwide phenomenon. There are two types of blogging sites you can go with. Free blog sites and self-hosted blog sites. You don’t technically own the blog or its content. You won’t be able to make a lot of money on a free blog Of course, none of these things stop you from starting a successful blog and transitioning it to a self-hosted option. It’s simply important to understand these things before you dive into one of the platforms below. bluehost in content adBlog Basics has negotiated a…

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    Best ways to Brand Your Blog first

    For starters, branding is the marketing practice of creating a name and symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product or company from others. Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services and gives you a margin over your competitors. Your brand comes from who you are, who you want to be and how people perceive you to be. Your brand influences how customers interact with your company and how you interact with them, so without a clear brand, your company may struggle to communicate your mission or purpose. There are 3 reasons to care about Branding:…

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    Best Niches for Your Blog, Beginners

    Thousands of bloggers have recognized this and made their fortune from it, writing on all sorts of niches. For example, there are people making money writing about income properties, frugal living and even meditation and mindfulness! Some niches are more profitable than others; your ultimate goal should be to target an industry or two where there’s real money in writing. Here are some of the best niches for making a profitable living as a blogger. 2015 and 2016 have seen new ways to make money online, either on an individual level or as a business. Blogs in this niche focus on SEO, email marketing, writing and freelancing, money-making tips and tricks, how tos,…

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    Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Free of Cost

    Generic comments followed by a link to your blog are spam. Do this often, and these spammy links will actually hurt your blog’s ranking by search engines. Conversely, constructive feedback on other blogs will get read by other blog readers, while a mention of your blog’s name without the link improves brand recognition by both search engines and a wider audience. Great bloggers solicit constructive feedback in order to improve as well as deepen their engagement with their audience. HowToCreateABlog.org is a classic example of this, as well as an excellent resource for new bloggers. If you are able to engage with the author of another blog through the comments section, offer to…