How To Make Circlism Art In Illustrator 2020

How To Make Circlism Art In Illustrator 2020

Digital Circlism is a concept invented by Ben Heine in 2010 in which he recreates iconic faces from pop culture with monochromatic flat circles only, in order to give them a dynamic 3D effect. It is a mix of Pop Art and Pointillism. Heine’s circle technique adds a symbolic significance to the subjects.

Circlism Art of Santa Claus, I have made in Illustrator in 2020.

Circlism Art of Santa Claus – 3D View

Now, How to make Circlism Art In Illustrator?

  • First of all, go and grab these two Random scripts (Random circle fill & Random swatch fill)
  • Download here, Random fill Scripts
  • Now, extract the files, which you have downloaded & Copy those scripts.
  • Paste scripts by going Program files> Adobe> Adobe illustrator 2020> Presets> en_GB> Scripts

Finally, Restart Illustrator.

That’s it.

How to make circle fill, here it’s a best example

Step1: Make A compound path using pen tool

Step2: Go to File> Scripts> Circle Fill

Step3: Fill the minimum and maximum size of Circles and the distance between them

Step4: Choose the swatch, you have just created for random Fill of the circles

Done with one shape, you just created

Tutorials, I have made in my You Tube Channel here,

Backtobrainlearningsolutions You Tube Channel

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